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Thank you for volunteering for our fun FCPC/SMPC MLP event as Court Monitor or Check In Desk. We appreciate the gift of your time and you are what makes the event a success! Your assignment tasks may change on the day of the event, so we appreciate your flexibility. Please REPLY ALL to confirm your attendance. Include your questions if any. (Toli, please get these instructions to Monica Maka - we don't have her email).

AssignmentFirst NameLast Name 

7:30am-12 pm Check in playersToliFa 

7:30am-12 pm Check in playersSusanLee 

7:30am-12 pm Court Monitor / Setup VenueJeffreyGee 

7:30am-12 pm Court Monitor / Setup VenueAlanHall 

7:30am-12 pm Court Monitor / Setup VenueMei LingLam 

7:30am-12 pm Court Monitor / Setup VenueSusanTsoi-A-Sue 

7:30am-12 pm Court Monitor / Setup VenueHollyWong 

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueMonicaMaka 

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueTupou’ahauMapa 

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueLineNaeata 

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueMalisaNaeta 

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueArleneSullivanfrom 1:30pm on

11:50am-5pm Court Monitor / Breakdown VenueJuneTateishi 


Event Timing:
8:30am check in of players
9:00am welcome players, brief rules instruction and start of play
5:00pm end of play (could end earlier depending on pace of play)

Reporting for Duty:
Your Volunteer Supervisor is Darlene Mar. When you arrive, go directly to Darlene to check in and receive instructions. You will be issued a neon vest which you will return to her at the end of your shift.

If you are delayed arriving for your shift, please text her with your name and shift time and estimated time of arrival. Don't be a No-Show!

Darlene Mar: text 415.218.5991

You may take one 15-minute break. Before you start your break, ask your fellow monitors to cover your post and make sure Darlene knows who's covering you. Please take breaks at separate times from other monitors. At least two must remain at the court. Be courteous to your fellow monitors and return to your post on time so that they can take their breaks.

In addition to the 15 minute break, if you need to briefly leave the court for personal reasons, please follow the same break procedures. Let's keep Darlene from going crazy figuring where volunteers have wandered off to.

Sun Protection:
Wear protective clothing. Bring water. You may bring a chair to take breaks from standing (but you are still considered "on duty" even if seated). Be aware that players will also be seated on the court, so make sure you are positioned so that you can move to intercept spectators.

7:30am-12pm shift:
Unload supplies from vehicles. Set up tables and tents for Tournament Desk and Food Area. Hang banners. Other set up tasks as assigned.
When set up is complete, assume your post on the court.

11:50am-5pm (or until event end) shift:
NOTE change in shift time. When the event ends, break down tables and tents, pack supplies and load into vehicles. Clear the courts and tournament desk/food table areas of garbage items (leave the areas cleaner than we found them). Lost and found items go to the Rec Center front desk.

Core Duties:

  • Allow only club members participating as players in the event on the court (they will have wristbands).

  • Inform all other people (aka "spectators") that they must remain outside the court. Escort them to the nearest exit gate (when play has stopped on the court near the exit). If you have difficulty removing them, go get an official (Darlene or a red-vested official) to come and help.

  • Enforce pickleball etiquette. Ask players who are entering or exiting the courts, to use the gate nearest to their court; to not cross behind multiple active courts.

  • Do not act as referee, line judge, or rules official. If the players need such help, tell them that you will go and get an official (red-vested person).

  • Enforce no food on the court. Players and volunteers can eat and watch from outside the courts.

  • Pickleball is a game of angles. Ensure that players have a play on every shot by keeping the space around the court clear of on-court spectators and gear.

==CHECK IN DESK==7:30am-12pm
(Susan Lee for FCPC players and Toli Fa for SMPC players)

  • Ensure that all signed up players have checked in.

  • Have players put a wristband on. Wristbands are for signed up players only.

  • Players will arrive in waves. Tentative schedule: 3.0 & 4.0  8:30am start time, 3.5  10am start time.

  • Never leave the Check In Desk unattended. At least one person must be at the desk during the shift. Take breaks per Break Procedure (see procedure in Court Monitor), i.e., notify Darlene, make sure the desk has coverage and please return in a timely manner.

Court Locations: Text
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