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Foster City Pickleball Courts

located in front of the Teen Center at 670 Shell Blvd

Foster City features six permanent pickleball courts with lights. Each court has its own paddle rack to queue up. When you arrive at the courts, select a court you feel fits your skill level and hang your paddle in the rack for that court.

​The courts are open at sunrise and lights go out at 10pm.

​Drop-in open play courts are Courts 1 thru 3.  Courts 4 thru 6 are reserved Monday through Sundays 9am-12pm and Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm, and available for drop-in open play outside of those hours. Only Foster City residents can reserve courts and must be present during the reservation. The party that reserved the court can include non-residents. If a reserved court is unclaimed after 10 minutes of the reserved time, then the court becomes open play where players must relinquish the court after one game and allow the next up party to take the court.

Free Intro to Pickleball

​FCPC in conjunction with FCPRD will be hosting an "Intro to Pickleball" at Foster City pickleball courts. See dates for Intro to Pickleball at

Please note these intros are intended for new players or anyone who are interested in learning about the sport. If interested or have questions, please respond to this post or email Jason at

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