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Ben Cardenas

Communications Director

Tell us about yourself

Originally from New York, I relocated to San Francisco for a new opportunity. In 1988 married and with a pregnant wife, we moved to Foster City because my wife Beverly wanted to raise our children in a good area with good schools and good weather. At the time I was an avid Tennis player, and I will never forget the first time we drove around the city…my impression was that there were more tennis courts per capita in Foster City that perhaps in all of San Francisco!

Fast forward to 2024, and many of those tennis courts are now pickleball courts! I started playing pickleball in 2019 just in time for pickleball-interruptus and I found golf as a perfect pandemic sport. Once the pandemic ended, I resumed playing pickleball and quickly became addicted! Today I am playing a minimum of 3x a week and sneaking out whenever Bev isn’t looking!

What do I love about Pickleball?

What I love most about pickleball Is that you can play the game on so many levels. The game can be played socially, recreationally, and competitively and sometimes all 3 occur in the same match! Through pickleball I have reconnected with old friends and made many new friends. Whenever I travel around the Bay, my paddle is always with me, and wherever I can find a court, I can always find a game and nice people to play with!

Why did I join the Board as Communications Director

Foster City is a vibrant active community with so many amenities. We are so fortunate to have 6 dedicated pickleball courts and many more HOA tennis courts with striped pickleball lines. When I learned about the Foster City Pickleball Club I was motivated to contribute my time and talents to growing The Club and Pickleball in Foster City.

What can you expect from me

As communications director I have been tasked with creating a uniform way of communicating to our members and the public, as well as creating our first newsletter. Do you want to get involved? Do you have questions, constructive comments, or solutions to problems that you see? Feel free to contact me, I’m listening!

Ben Cardenas
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