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Darlene Mar


Tell us something about yourself?

One of my mentors emphasized that if you did not make a difference in society, your community, or in people's lives, then the gift of life given to you was wasted.

I have received numerous awards and recognition by serving communities of color and the underserved and advocating for small businesses. I have been appointed to serve several times in the public sector. I was invited to serve on several corporate community advisory councils. I have participated in nonprofit boards as an officer, event organizer, director, chairperson and an advisor throughout the years. Currently, I am proud to serve on the Friends of On Lok and the Greenlining board.

Among my public and community services, I have experience in directing shows (e.g., fashion, etc.) and producing galas in varous aspects.

How did you start playing pickleball?

Foster City built a “field of dreams (through a grant) and they will come”. I remembered peering through the wire fence, wondering why there are so many small courts. Later on, we had a chance to try indoor pickleball with C.G. coaching at San Mateo High School.

“One paddle leads to another.” When my friend got a paddle for his birthday, I had to get one too. We would go to the courts where no one was around and try to figure out how to play. Thank you to the people at the courts to encourage us. After talking pickleball “lingo”, watching other players, and following the pickleball rules, we learn to play. Note: Doctors would recommend to their patients to exercise for health purposes. i.e. walking (boring) Hmmm. Could pickleball be the Rx answer?

What do you like most about pickleball?

1. Friendships are developed on the courts. It is the joy of “dinking” the ball. Laughter, giggles, and “Ooops, I missed” plus a few “i-yaa’s” can be heard. Phrases like “nice try”, “great setup”, “good serve”, “what a hustle” are being said.

2. It is the community spirit. No age gap - getting people together of all ages and skills.

3. The “Young at Heart” 70+ was a fun tournament. It was a counterintuitive approach to prove that senior pickleball players are not to be ignored.

Why do you serve as Secretary of FCPC?

To offer my experience in developing FCPC to become a foundation. To support the board’s mission and vision. To have Foster City be proud of its pickleball program. To have FCPC rank above other pickleball clubs. To develop a Foster City league of pickleball players to meet and greet other players from other cities. To help players understand why pickleball is a way to forget life’s pitfalls, to enjoy the game (win or lose), and to move forward. To encourage others to join, to consider donations to FCPC, and to be involved in today’s movement.

Darlene Mar
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