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Jason Tran


Tell us something about yourself.

A New Jersey transplant moved to Foster City in 2016.  I’m a pharmaceutical professional who works remotely for a company located in Massachusetts. In addition to my professional career, I’m a full time pickleball enthusiast and a USA Pickleball Ambassador for Foster City.

How did you start playing pickleball?

Out of the blue I received a text asking if I want to play pickleball.  My first immediate reaction was “what the heck is pickleball?”.  That following weekend I was introduced to the game and haven’t stopped since then. 

What do you like most about pickleball?

The marked improvement to my health!  I also like playing pickleball for the social aspect of the game.  I truly enjoy meeting new players and making new friends.  And best of all, the fun and laughter that we share on the courts!

Why do you serve as President of FCPC?

I serve as President of FCPC because I am a FC resident and co-founded the club with the current Board of Directors. My long-term vision is to build a strong local community with a singular voice to champion and promote  pickleball within FC.  

Jason Tran
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